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Air Conditioning

Why do I need to have my air con serviced?

A car's air conditioning does so much more than just keeping you cool!

When it is performing as it should, your air conditioning system will filter out allergens such as pollen, pollutants and any airborne bacteria that might be inside your cars cabin making a more comfortable and healthy environment. A failing air conditioning system that is not performing efficiently will also begin to have a negative effect on your fuel efficiency. The main reason for this is that when your air conditioning refrigerant is low, it struggles to cool the air and so therefore has to work much harder to try and produce cold air. This will use more fuel.

Your vehicle air conditioning system will become less effective over time, especially if it isn’t used on a regular basis – this will begin to have a negative effect on your fuel economy.

Unfortunately the air conditioning service in not included in either your annual MOT or as part of your standard service so if you want to ensure your system continues to work effectively, it is essential that you book in for an air con re-gas every two years. Whether you use your car’s air con a lot or hardly ever at all, if you suspect that there might be a problem with your air conditioning system, such as the temperature dropping, or an unpleasant smell coming from your system, then it is time to have it serviced! Your air conditioning gas will continue to pass through the system over time whether or not you use regularly. The air conditioning service will keep your air con gas topped up and your system well lubricated. Your car will be cool, fuel efficient and the environment inside your car healthy!

In order to keep your air conditioning performing at its best, the system needs regular attention – we recommend you have it serviced every 2 years.

At Crackley Garage, Kenilworth we have an expert team and the specialist knowledge to help you to keep your car’s air conditioning in perfect working order, all-year round.

Book in now with our expert technicians for an air con re-gas, It doesn’t take long and when completed, your system will keep you cool and healthy for another two years.

Why Crackley Garage?

  • Our fully qualified and well trained engineers will perform a air con re-gas and ensure your air conditioning is working efficiently.
  • We will fix any faults/issues – sometimes the problem might be more than needing a simple air con re-gas.
  • Our air conditioning service includes lubricating the system for optimum performance and efficiency.
  • A vacuum test is also performed to look for any blows or leaks.
  • We can provide a demonstration to help you understand what is covered with in your air con service

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