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Hello and welcome to our Crackley Garage information page about All season tyres.

All-season tyres are basically a mixture of summer and winter tyres. Their properties are not optimised for specific weather conditions, such as extreme cold and associated phenomena such as snow and ice. Therefore all season tyres are particularly popular in regions with a moderate climate. Particularly suitable are all-season tyres for drivers, who don't drive many miles and can even renounce their car. This type of tyre is also suitable for an area of application exclusively in urban traffic after all the roads are mostly cleared there.

The compromise between summer and winter tyres

Since all-season tyres are always a good compromise between summer and winter tyres, their essential features are the same. The profile is a mixture of winter tyres and summer tyres at a minimum legal depth of 1.6 mm. Even when the tyre is rubber-blended, an optimum ratio must be found so that the ground adhesion and the braking distance - in the case of a dry, wet or snow-covered road - are in a good relationship to the rolling resistance, fuel consumption and tyre wear.

The decisive advantage in all-season tyres is that the tyre changes twice a year can be avoided. According to the legal provisions, all-season tyres can also be used in winter. However, they must be marked with M + S (mud and snow). Some all-season tyres also carry the protected snowflake symbol (Alpine symbol) for sufficient traction on snow and ice. Another advantage is the flexibility of these tyres in case of sudden weather changes because they combine many different characteristics.

Test of all-season tyres

For all driving characteristics, which have to bring all-season tyres, tyre production has made great progress in recent decades. For example, Goodyear all-season tyres, such as the Vector 4 Seasons, are considered as high-quality and particularly reliable in the snow. This is also reflected by test reports from automobile clubs and independent test institutes. The Optimo 4S, a Hankook all-season tyre, on the other hand, the testers of several trade magazines concluded "exemplary".

Meanwhile, the service life of the all-weather tyres is only slightly lower than that of season-specific tyre types. Nevertheless, one should also keep an eye on the air pressure when using all season tyres. It should be slightly higher in winter than recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, as the tyre pressure drops at low temperatures. All-weather tyres are now produced in all standard tyre sizes. Please have a look at our all-season tyre section on our Crackley Garage website. You will definitely find the perfect tyres at a fabulous price. In case you need help, please get in touch.

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