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With the caravan, it is easy to go on holiday. Also, one is completely flexible and saves costs for the accommodation. However, a happy holiday can only take place with the right preparation, including the correct tyres. A breakdown due to defective caravan tyres is the last thing you need during the holiday. Therefore, a regular check of the tyres is of great importance. 

Pay attention to the condition of your caravan tyres

The condition of caravan tyres is influenced by several factors. In particular, attention must be paid to the tread depth: If the legal minimum profile depth of 1.6 mm is reached, the tyres must be changed. We, like many other experts, recommend looking for new caravan tyres as early as 4 millimetres. 

In addition, the age plays a decisive role: after 6 years (even if they haven't been used much) the caravan's tyres must be changed, even if the profile still looks like new. Due to ageing, the rubber mixture can no longer fully reproduce the driving characteristics. And even though the caravan tyres were not often in use and the caravan only lingered in the parking lot, tyre deformation can be caused by factors such as heat, oxygen or UV radiation. How old caravan tyres are, is easy to read on the DOT number on the tyre flank. If for example, this is DOT 4312, the tyres were produced in the 43rd week of 2012 and must be dismantled no later than the 43rd week of 2018. 

You should also pay attention to the correct air pressure - if it is too high, the tyre centre may wear too much; the flanks will become too smooth at low tyre pressure. The caravan should not be overloaded and always be checked for air pressure after packing. 

Finally, of course, the tyre size, speed and load-bearing capacity index must also be considered. Only compatible tyres can give the desired characteristics and contribute to your safety when driving with the caravan. 

Do you need new caravan tyres? Then use our Crackley Garage tyre configurator and find your desired tyres. We always have lots of tyres available in every size, for every season and for every budget. 

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