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Engine Diagnostic

Why do I need an engine diagnostic check?

If you see a warning light on your dashboard, you will most likely require an engine diagnostics check to identify the problem. There can be many reasons that a warning light is illuminated and these should never be ignored. Ignoring this warning could prove quite expensive and maybe even dangerous. 

As technology advances, modern vehicles are becoming more and more like a "4 wheeled computer", and will at some point most likely require diagnostic technology to help identify an issue with your vehicle. 

What is involved in an Engine Diagnostic Check? 

The engine diagnostic check will test your car’s engine control computer (ECU) which will scan all of the many complex systems involved within your vehicles, such as the engine, airbags, alarms, bulbs, wipers and the brakes. The scan will then compile a list of the problems and provide error codes. 

When a fault light is displayed on your vehicle's dashboard, the diagnostics machine can read it, and once the fault has been fixed, it can turn the light off. 

In some cases, a fault light may not illuminate when there is something wrong, and an engine diagnostic scan may actually detect an issue which in the future could have become very expensive to repair. There is no need to go to an expensive dealership to find faults. Our expert technicians can perform engine diagnostic checks right here at Crackley Garage, Kenilworth for a fraction of dealer prices! 

We have the latest technology and the know-how to do the diagnostics on any car. After the diagnostic check, our experts will print the report and inform you about the outcome of the testing.  This way you will know exactly what needs doing on the car and how much it will cost. 

If there is a light showing on your car's dashboard, please come to see us. There is no need to book an appointment. 

Your Crackley Garage team.  

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