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Electrical Systems

Welcome to Crackley Garage. Your vehicle electronics specialists in Kenilworth. 

Faults in the car electrics are the most common defects in passenger cars - the dipped beam does not function on one side, or the main light in the front left is broken, or also at times the brake light does not work anymore.  

The vehicle electrical system, however, is much more than just lighting.  

Modern cars are equipped with many electrical and electronic components that make the driving experience more relaxed and make the car more efficient and economical. 

Experience and know-how in the repair of car electrics - Crackley Garage - Kenilworth. 

From the electronically controlled injection system via the electronically supported drive-assistance system, battery management, or onboard computer, to the last bulb, our Crackley Garage experts know exactly how things work. Regular training and modern diagnostic tools enable us to detect errors very quickly - no matter what it is. 

Without these diagnostic devices and the necessary experience and training, "old style" repair has become almost impossible. More and more electronic system components are being added to the cars. Many components not only communicate with each other but are also dependent on the function of other parts. If something happens here, for example, a single small sensor, this can paralyse the whole vehicle network. 

We check and maintain the electrics and electronics of your car professionally and cost-effective for you. Thanks to our experience, training, and our diagnostic equipment, we can quickly find and fix issues. 

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