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Engine Work

The engine is the core of every vehicle. Without it, nothing moves. At the same time, engines, due to more power and stagnating urban traffic, are now exposed to a high load and intensive use. The correct performance of the engine thereby is always the priority.

However, it does not necessarily take a new engine to achieve the restoration of performance and durability. A professional engine service is a cost-effective alternative to replacement to improve its engine performance and restore the engine's optimum condition.

Crackley Garage in Kenilworth, is the specialist for engine maintenance and Engine Work Kenilworth. Thanks to our long experience, technical know-how, modern equipment and connections to several spare parts suppliers, we are exactly the right address for private- and business customers. We know all the small and large engine weaknesses of the respective manufacturers and models, and thus find the optimal solution for your car through a competent, individual consultation.

We offer you the full spectrum of engine service: from the comprehensive maintenance of the engine condition and performance, through a motor-related fault diagnosis, the appropriate repair of individual components or the entire engine as well as a subsequent service to ensure the restoration of the factory condition

Crackley Garage offers, within the scope of our engine maintenance, the expansion of the engine, the dismantling, the replacement of parts. Our services include the thorough chemical and mechanical cleaning of the engine and its components, the inspection and repair of wear and tear of individual parts as well as the verification of the optimisation carried out

Prevent damage to the engine by wearing parts

The reasons for engine problems or damage and the need for engine maintenance can be manifold, but there are some wear-resistant parts within an engine, such as the cylinder head, the camshaft or the injection pump. A defective cylinder head gasket, which no longer ensures proper sealing of the combustion chamber, can in the worst case result in a capital engine damage. Therefore, if you notice any signs like for example, the continuous loss of cooling water or even oil in the cooling water, you should contact us urgently for an initial engine inspection. A deformed camshaft, in turn, causes an imbalance in the valve control and can thus lead to damage to other components. Since the exchange of a bent or broken camshaft is not uncomplicated, competent help is also advisable. A faulty injection pump, on the other hand, ensures uneven injection volumes and thus a turbulent engine running. The causes of significant damage in the engine are therefore varied, which is why regular inspections are always worthwhile

Comprehensive and favourable engine service from Crackley Garage

We offer you an optimal repair scheme for every component. In the area of the cylinder head, we check the tightness and the camshaft bearing, replace valves as required and provide comprehensive repair through plan grinding and machining of the cylinder head. If the engine block is to be installed, we check it for wear or distortion, including the piston and bearing, after a thorough cleaning and achieve a professional threaded installation through precise fine drilling and plan grinding of the cylinders. The crankshaft or connecting rod can also be used in a targeted and expert manner. The crankshaft can achieve precise grinding and balancing. The connecting rod and eye are restored by checking and measuring the basic bore and angle, as well as the exact machining and alignment of the components

We offer all customers a professional and comprehensive engine service at a very good price. Whether you want a proper maintenance, a general overhaul or repairs of the engine - our Crackley Garage team are your experts for engine maintenance and repair

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