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How do exhausts work?

A vehicles exhaust system has four main functions:

  • to control noise
  • to direct dangerous exhaust fumes away from passengers inside the vehicle
  • to improve the performance of the engine –and to improve fuel consumption – you may begin to notice that you need to fill up more often where an exhaust fault is present

After combusting its mixture of fuel and air, the engine will create power, heat and exhaust. When exhaust gases which are released from the engine they contain several elements that are dangerous to us and can cause damage to the environment.

It is therefore extremely important to ensure that your exhaust isn’t faulty and needs replacing. This will improve your cars performance, keep you and your passengers free of inhaling and toxic gases and is good for the environment.

Signs that your exhaust needs repairing

When you have an exhaust leak you might begin to notice that your vehicle is losing power. You might feel vibrations when you touch your steering wheel or vibration in the foot pedal. These issues can also be a sign of a hole in your exhaust or that the exhaust system has become disconnected.

You might also begin to hear strange noises coming from your exhaust. These might be due to a that a crack in the exhaust pipe or this could even be an issue with the exhaust manifold or that there is possibly a leaking gasket. Noises are a sign of exhaust problem.

An exhaust system will help draw the dangerous gases from an engine, passing them through a series of units, and removes the gases from the vehicle.

Exhaust Components:

  • Exhaust pipes
  • Exhaust manifold
  • Muffler
  • Cylinder heads
  • Resonator
  • Catalytic converter
  • Tailpipe

With so many components it is important to ensure that your exhaust system is checked and repaired periodically. This will ensure your car will run smoothly, is fuel efficient and removes the risk of harmful emissions. A properly functioning exhaust system is not only right for your vehicle but is also good for the environment and your health.

When to get your exhaust checked?

  • Signs of corrosion - exhausts will eventually become corroded and start deteriorating
  • Noise – a corroded exhaust will become noisy
  • Rust may develop and leaks can occur, this can be very toxic
  • You must repair if your car has failed the MOT exhaust emission Test Don’t Delay!

Simple exhaust repairs can cause other exhaust and engine problems that make call for further more expensive repairs in the future.

If your exhaust has become noisy and you are concerned that it has become corroded, then contact our team at Crackley Garagefor an exhaust service or exhaust replacement.

Why Choose Our Exhaust Repair Service in Kenilworth?

Our specialist team can quickly analyse and solve your exhaust problem. Our exhaust repair service team will get you back on the road legally and safely without spending a fortune.

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