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Special features of Motorhome tyres. 

These are specially designed tyres, which must ensure safety even during long journeys. They can withstand high weights and long distances. Quite a few manufacturers have developed specially designed tyres for mobile homes because the wear analysis on them showed different weight distributions between two tyres on the same axle (more than when used with vans). Motorhome tyres are more sensitive in terms of comfort and noise level. 

Our recommendations 

When changing tyres, always follow the manufacturer 's recommendations regarding size or approval (specific markings, etc.). Some suggestions for mobile home tyres: 

Do not load your vehicle excessively (do not exceed the recommendations for the total weight of your vehicle) 

Monitor the weight distribution of your vehicle; the weight in the camper should be appropriately distributed. Check the pressure of your mobile home tyres regularly, especially during long journeys. 

Stick to the speed limits so you can control the vehicle at all times. 


If you are using your motorhome only in summer and do not use it for the rest of the year, you should remove the tyres and unload the vehicle. Why? Because of the considerable weight of the camper, the pressure exerted on the ground contacting portion of the tyre can deform the tyres and impair their performance. Therefore, when storing your tyres, proceed as follows: 

Mark the appropriate position (front, rear, left, right) to re-install the tyres to the correct location. 

Store the tyres in a dry place. 

If your tyres are mounted on rims, stack them on top of each other and do not leave them standing upright. 

Change the position of the tyres from time to time so that the lowest tyre is not subjected to permanent pressure. 

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