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Oil Change

Welcome to Crackley Garage - your one-stop vehicle workshop in Kenilworth As you surely know, regular inspections should be carried out on every vehicle. As a result, the functionality is always ensured, and thus the service life is extended. The prescribed intervals are given in the operating instructions or the maintenance manual. During the inspection, even smaller defects are found quickly and remedied before they can cause significant damage. The costs incurred for an inspection usually pay back very quickly. The reason for this is that a car that is in perfect technical condition consumes less fuel.

If you are thinking to sell your car in future, you will get more money for it as well if the service book has been stamped regularly.

The price for maintenance depends on the extent of work needed. A distinction is made between a large and a small inspection. In the case of a small inspection, there is no complete inspection of the car. In most cases, the scope of the work is limited to the oil change including filter changes. Furthermore, the liquid levels are checked and, if necessary, corrected. If any defects are noticed during the work, these are usually repaired at the same time but only after consultation with the vehicle owner. We always inform our customers about any additional work needed and any extra costs before we start working. So you can think about it and make a decision.

A thorough inspection of the car takes place during a large inspection. Also, the brakes are checked and the brake fluid is changed. Furthermore, the air conditioning system is inspected and maintained. The wheel bearings, transverse links, shock absorbers and stabilisers are also checked. There are also other extensive works carried out during a full service. So by the time you leave from us, your car will be in a technically perfect condition. The price for a full inspection/service depends on the vehicle brand, age and parts needed. We will certainly speak to you about the costs before we start servicing your vehicle. But don't worry, our prices are always very reasonable. No nasty surprises...

Some modern cars are equipped with a so-called "Longlife service". This is a technical device which independently determines when the car has to be brought to the workshop for the next inspection. When exactly the Longlife service system recommends a service, cannot be predicted as it depends on the driving style as well as on numerous other factors.

Please note: It is not necessary, to take your car to a main dealer workshop. It is often claimed that during the warranty period the inspections must be carried out exclusively by the service centre of the contract workshop. But that's not correct.

The guaranty only states that the car may only be serviced by an authorised specialist. Our experienced Crackley Garage team are definitely authorised, specialists. We will also make sure to only use the right quality parts etc. for your vehicle.

Booking a service appointment could not be easier. Book online on our website, give us a call or just come to see us at our Crackley Garage. We will look after you and your vehicle.

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