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Racing tyres for the road: Performance Tyres

Performance tyres or ultra-high-performance tyres are also referred to as "racing tyres". But what differentiates sports tyres from ordinary tyres? And is it recommended to ride sports tyres on private vehicles? 

Racing tyres are specially designed for motor racing. They are generally not permitted for road use. However, high-quality sports tyres are also available for private use.  

Performance Tyres

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For the summer tyre segment, the following classes can be distinguished: 



High-Performance (HP) 

Ultra-high performance (UHP) 

UHP tyres are classified according to two criteria:

Speed class (speed indices V, W, Y or ZR) 

Profile cross-section (ratio of height of tyre edge to width of tread is 45 percent or less) 

Performance tyres allow high speeds

Racing tyres, sports tyres and UHP tyres are all derived from the motorsport segment. The design and the material characteristics of the tyres enable higher speeds to be achieved than with standard tyres.  

Owners of PS-strong vehicles appreciate the good grip, the stable cam position and the short braking distances, which ultra-high-performance tyres offer from manufacturers like Pirelli or Michelin.  

Disadvantages of racing tyres: low wet grip and high wear 

Good moisture retention requires profile grooves in which water can flow (negative portion of the profile). However, to ensure that racing tires have sufficient grip, their profile always has a very high positive proportion. The most extreme example are the slicks (not allowed for rad use), which are used in Formula 1. 

The second disadvantage of racing tyres results from the speeds being driven. Thus, a tyre is heated very strongly at high speed. This promotes wear. As a rule, UHP, sports and racing tyres have a lower life expectancy than other classes of car tyres. 

If you are looking for car tyres for your sports car, you will find numerous models from the UHP segment for every season here on our Crackley Garage website. 

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