Safety Analysis

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Always safe on the go with the Crackley Garage Safety Analysis. 

The Safety Analysis is a comprehensive visual inspection carried out by our experts. We will have a good look at your vehicle, and you can speak to our qualified employees about any concerns. 

After the inspection, our technician will let you know if there is anything that needs doing or will give you advice on what you could do. The Safety Analysis is the perfect option between your regular vehicle services - especially if you have the feeling, there might be an issue. 

Safety Analysis for holidays 

For a relaxing holiday without breakdowns 

Spend your well-earned holiday in peace, not in the workshop. Make sure that your vehicle has gone through our Crackley Garage holiday Safety check before travelling. 

More security on your trip 

Transparency through comprehensive testing 

No pre-booking necessary 

This is included in the holiday safety check: 

The good reasons for a holiday check by Crackley Garge are obvious: during holiday trips you use your car for longer distances and times than usual, and the vehicle is usually heavily loaded. At the same time, you should make even higher security requirements during holiday trips than usual. 

Not only are problems and breakdowns far from home particularly annoying, but also you and your loved ones may spend very much time on the road. Therefore you should take advantage of the Crackley Garage holiday check and safety analysis before traveling. In this way, the risk of failure due to wear or defects is kept as low as possible. 

At the holiday check, we check among other things the following vehicle components: 


Braking system 

Wheel suspension 



Electrical system 

Fluid levels 

Exhaust system 

Fan belt 

Your advantages at Crackley Garage 

Safety plus 

Our holiday check covers more than 30 test points extremely comprehensively and reliably. On request, we can fix directly all detected defects. This way, you can start your journey with the feeling of maximum security. 

Quick service 

Just call or come to our Kenilworth workshop. 

We will look after you. 


Our technicians will give you detailed information on the safety analysis. 

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