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Welcome to our Crackley Garage information page about summer tyres.

In principle, summer tyres are optimised for road conditions without snow and ice. It should be remembered that the asphalt of our roads in summer can reach temperatures of up to 60 ° Celsius. The rubber mixture at summer tyres must therefore not become too soft even at higher temperatures to keep wear as low as possible. At the same time, the harder rubber mixture guarantees a good handling, shorter braking distances, driving stability even at higher speeds and an optimal ground adhesion in the summer.

Profile in summer

Summer tyres also differ significantly from winter and full-year tyres. Thus, the profile grooves are smaller. Even on slats, summer tyres are not required. The profile depth is prescribed by law to at least 1.6 mm. We, like many automobiles clubs, recommend 2.5 mm as a minimum profile depth to keep the aquaplaning risk as low as possible even in case of heavy moisture in the summer.

All in all, when it is about buying summer tyres, it is about finding the best possible compromise between friction and low rolling resistance so that fuel consumption remains economical. If one sticks to the rule of thumb "from Easter to October", the summer tyres are drawn up in the warmer summer months. Due to the higher fuel consumption of winter tyres in the summer, it is advisable to re-saddle.

Find the right summer tyres

When choosing the right summer tyres, it is essential to observe different criteria. First and foremost, the correct tyre size you can find in the vehicle log book. The key figures for the tyre size and the tyre cross-section are given. Also, you should pay attention to the purchase of summer tyres, whether you put more emphasis on safety and to Run-flat tyres(if your vehicle has the right facilities), which can be controlled even in case of a sudden pressure loss. Furthermore, personal preferences, such as driving comfort and speed, should be included in the choice of the summer tyre.

Once you have found summer tyres that fulfil these criteria on our website with its large assortment of summer tyres in all sizes and for every budget, it will only need a few clicks to order them either for home delivery or for fitting at our modern workshop in Kenilworth.

If you are not sure, which summer tyres to buy or need advice from our service team, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to help.

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