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Tune Ups

Due to economic reasons, identical engines are now being produced in large numbers. Later the power is set using the software in the engine control unit. So, it is possible that different vehicle models with identical drive units have a different PS number. This has the positive side effect that the so-called chip tuning makes it possible to increase the power of a vehicle engine without modifying individual components. Neither replacement of the valves nor grinding of the cylinder head is necessary.

With the so-called "chip tuning", an increase in the driving force is easily possible, in particular, in the case of diesel engines. In the case of petrol engines, a performance increase is also possible, but not as high as for diesel engines. This is because the software is not so easy to change with petrol engines.

In recent times, much has been said about the "Chip tuning". Computer chips are offered in various versions. Increasing the power of more than 30% is possible. Our specialist team at Crackley Garage in Kenilworth can install and activate a chip in your vehicle while you wait. It will only take a few minutes. In addition to the advantages of increased performance, there are other advantages as well. The torque is increased, and the fuel consumption is reduced at the same time - especially when driving the vehicle under a constant driving mode. As a result, the cost of the race chip is amortised relatively quickly. The software in the box then takes over the control tasks of the software from the engine control unit.

Theoretically, both a petrol engine and a diesel engine are capable of an even greater performance increase due to modifications of the chips. Please speak to our experts about it. We recommend to always carefully balance between the performance increase and the additional wear on the engine.

Also, as a rule, fuel is definitely saved by such a measure, but the pollutant emission can rise. Particularly in the case of a very sporty driving mode. Our experts will always make sure your vehicle will still pass the exhaust gas test during your next MOT.

Interested in our chip tuning services? Please speak to us. We are here for you with best expert advice.

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