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Tyres Fitting

Welcome to Crackley Garage, your friendly and experienced tyre experts in Kenilworth. 

Our workshop professionals assemble your new tyres on modern machines and at a fair fixed price. Our tyre fitting service includes the dismantling of the old tyres and the fitting of the new tyres including new rubber valves and stationary balancing. 

As a certified company and with our specially trained fitters, we certainly also offer you the proper installation of the rather sensitive Run-flat tyres. 

Our workshop professionals will exchange the complete wheels or your tyres on your vehicle during seasonal tyre changes, including a safety check. 

With this safety check, the fitters make sure, your wheels and tyres are undamaged, and they will also have a look at the tyre's profile depth. 

For seasonal tyre changes, we advise you as a specialist to replace the wheels on the same side of the axles in order to achieve a more even wear on all four tyres, since the drive axle usually causes a higher degree of abrasion. 

Wheel Balancing

Balancing is indispensable. 

Unbalance causes, among other things, an uneasy driving feeling and an uneven tyre wear. Also, an unbalance also puts a strain on parts of the vehicle body such as the wheel suspension. 

Our machines are state-of-the-art and bring your tyres back into balance. When balancing, the weight distribution is measured and adjusted by fitting a counterweight on the rim so that your wheel runs "round" again. 

Balancing increases your driving comfort and the running performance of your tyres. 


Have you damaged the tyre with a sharp object? 

Please make sure that your vehicle is not moving with too little air pressure since otherwise the damaged tyre will get hot and will not be repairable. 

Please replace the defective tyre immediately with the spare wheel, or let yourself be towed from your automobile club (AA, RAC etc.) into our specialist workshop. 

With our high-quality repair materials and tools, we can obtain a permanent repair. 

Environmentally friendly waste disposal 

Even today, old tyres are still being disposed of illegally. The illegal disposal or incineration of old tyres is harmful to our environment. 

We take the responsibility to ensure that your tyres are environmentally sound, sustainable and carefully disposed of and work exclusively with certified and approved disposal companies. 

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