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Bridgestone tyres have been produced in Japan since 1931. While in the Japanese Kurume it was initially specialized in motorbike tyres and even built motorbikes and bicycles up to 1970, it still developed into the world's largest tyre manufacturer. Bridgestone now employs more than 137,000 people, who care for the production of summer tyres, winter tyres, all-season tyres and specialist tyres for cars. These are the main business of the Japanese tyre manufacturer, but the company still produces tyres for motorcycles, trucks, excavators and many other special vehicles. The name Bridgestone, which sounds only conditionally Japanese, derives from the first name of the company founder Ishibashi Shojiro, which translates into English as much as "Stone Bridge". 

Bridgestone took over the US tyre producer Firestone in 1988, entered the Formula 1 tyre as a tyre supplier in 1997 and was involved there as an equipment supplier from Ferrari, among others, at several World Championships held by Michael Schuhmacher. From 2006 to the exit of the company from the Formula 1 in the year 2010 one went in the royal class even exclusively with Bridgestone tires. After the 2010 season, a strategic reorientation took place, in which Formula 1 should no longer play a role. Bridgestone once again intensified the development of innovative technologies and products and thus relied on what the company had always been doing. 

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Thus, all tyre types of Bridgestone, whether all-season tyres, all-weather tyres or the season-specific tyres, are characterised by continuous technical developments. Regarding safety, quality and driving comfort, Bridgestone tyres enjoy a good reputation all over the world. This is also showing in the fact that the tyres from Japan put the first tyres on a lot of standard models of well-known car manufacturers. With over 8,000 tyre types and tyre sizes, Bridgestone also offers the widest range of tyres of all manufacturers. 

Outstanding among the Bridgestone winter tyres is the Bridgestone Blizzak LM-32. Numerous tyre tests are recommended as a model for traction on snow and ice due to its lamellar technology and large profile grooves. Furthermore, the good profile ensures an effective water drainage and thus reduces the aquaplaning risk. The optimised rubber compound of this Bridgestone tyre also improves grip and braking performance under winter conditions. The high-tech production of the tyre is paid for here. 

Also the Bridgestone Turanza ER 300, a summer tyre, convinced. It provides good handling in case of dryness and wetness. On the subject of safety, well-known tyre manufacturers such as Bridgestone have their nose in front anyway. The Turanza ER 300 is equipped with the RFT system and therefore belongs to the Run-flat tyres, which can be easily controlled even in the event of a sudden loss of tyre pressure. However, the Bridgestone tyre also scores regarding driving comfort, above all its quiet driving behaviour at high speeds. 

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