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Continental AG was founded in Hannover in 1871. It emerged from the rubber-working company "Neue Hannoversche Gummi-Waarenfabrik". In Germany, the company is today market leader with its Continental tyres. With more than 200 locations in 46 countries with a total of around 175,000 employees, Continental has developed from a pure tyre manufacturer into a globally important automotive supplier. 

In the development of the Continental tyres, efficiency, function and safety have always played the leading role. Innovations such as the first pneumatic tyre with a profile (1904) or the first removable rim (1908) made sure that Continental was able to place itself on the market with its tyres. The company's tyre range includes summer tyres and winter tyres for cars, SUVs and trucks, as well as all-season tyres, four-wheel-drive tyres, transporter tyres and run-flats. With the acquisition of the tyre manufacturers Barum, Semperit, Uniroyal, Sportiva and most recently General Tyre, Continental AG became the fourth-largest tyre producer in the world. 

The reasons Continental tyres are so popular not only in Germany are quite obvious. Continental winter tyres such as the Continental WinterContact TS850 are very often characterised by good marks or even as test winner from well-known tyre tests. This makes Continental a real winter tyre specialist. Continental tyres are very good at cutting fuel consumption, handling on wet and dry roads, driving stability and, in particular, braking. The innovative 3-D grooves in the tyre profile effectively dissipate the water and increase the braking performance. But also regarding tyre wear, the Continental WinterContact TS850 makes a good figure. 

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Continental's summer tyres also impress with their quality. The Continental SportContact 5 is thus certified for very good driving behaviour on dry and wet roads. It was developed - as the name already suggests - for sporty upper-class vehicles and sports cars. And it is precisely for these purposes these tyres are made for. The sturdy straight running ability even at high speeds, the precise steering behaviour and the very good ground adhesion in curves support a sporty driving style and make this Continental tyre a high-performance tyre. 

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