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The Scotsman John Boyd Dunlop had the idea in 1888 to build a bubble for bicycles. From this, one of the most important tyre manufacturers with worldwide branches developed to this day. Dunlop has been part of Sumitomo Rubber Industries since 1983 as well as Goodyear. 

Even after the development of the pneumatic tyre for bicycles, the tyre manufacturer Dunlop was always working on new developments and innovative products. Thus, the group produced the forerunners of today's spiked tyres and extended the life of car tyres in the 1920s by the introduction of cord fabric into the tyre cover. After researching aquaplaning for the first time in the 1950s, Dunlop presented tyres with a new profile that could lead water to the side. Also, Dunlop tyres were the first to build belt tyres in Ultralight Construction (1994). Dunlop's RunOnFlat technology makes it possible to continue driving for about 50 miles after a tyre puncture at low speed. 

In addition to summer tyres, winter tyres, all-season tyres and run-flat tyres for cars, sports cars, trucks and buses, the tyre manufacturer Dunlop produces motorcycle tyres and tyres for agricultural vehicles, vans and SUVs. Around 30,000 Dunlop tyres are produced every day. 

Dunlop is also active in motorsports. From 2000 to 2010, for example, the Group delivered tyres for the DTM. 

Dunlod tyres - Crackley Garage - Kenilworth

The tyres that Dunlop manufactures are all characterised by excellent quality and high performance. Several research and development centres and the close co-operation with vehicle manufacturers ensures the continuous further development of the Dunlop tyres. This results in ultra-high and high-performance tyres like the Dunlop SP Sport 01. This summer tyre offers first-class values ??for the rolling resistance and thus ensures fuel-saving driving pleasure. Good braking behaviour on the wet and dry road, good grip and positive steering behaviour make the tyre in sporty driving also regarding safety to a good tyre selection. 

The range of Dunlop winter tyres currently consists of four tyre models. The Dunlop SP Wintersport 4D is symbolic of the company's innovative power. On the one hand, the number of lamellas has been increased in this tyre; on the other hand, they intermingle with one another during driving and interlock. This increases the performance both during start-up and during steering and braking on snow and ice. This winter tyre also offers very good traction on wet roads and also saves fuel thanks to its running-directional profile. 

Buy your Dunlop tyres today. We at Crackley Garage in Kenilworth have an extensive range of Dunlop tyres available in every size and for every season. 



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