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The French tyre manufacturer Michelin was founded in 1889 by Édouard and Andre Michelin, the Michelin brothers in Clermont-Ferrand, France. In the beginning, when making rubber balls for children, Édouard Michelin came up with the idea of ??revolutionising tyre manufacture: an interchangeable air tyre, which he immediately patented. Promptly, the cycling pro-Charles Terront, who used these Michelin tyres, won the Tour de France. 

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With almost 114,000 employees and sales of car tyres in nearly 180 countries worldwide, the company is now the second-largest tyre manufacturer in the world. In three of its development centres (USA, Europe, Japan) rubber mix and profile of Michelin tyres are optimised continuously. Michelin has always been keen on longevity and the improvement of the grip, for both summer and winter tyres and on every road surface. The most innovative products of the French company are the Tubeless system (1930), tyres without air hose, the radial tyres (1949) and fuel-saving car tyres, which have been part of the Michelin program since 1992. These Michelin tyres are produced with reduced rolling resistance in 18 countries and a total of 70 plants. The Michelin Group now also includes the tyre manufacturers Kleber, Kormoran / Riken and BFGoodrich.

Summer and winter tyres are produced by Michelin today for bicycles, motorcycles, cars, buses and trucks as well as numerous other vehicles. The most important tyre models of the manufacturer include the Michelin Alpine and the fuel-efficient Michelin Energy Saver series. Especially the Michelin Winterreifen Alpin A4 is considered to be extremely durable, offers more grip when starting on snow and ice and has a braking distance of up to 5% shorter than conventional tyres.  

In addition to the Michelin tyres, the tyre producer distributes route planners, roadmaps as well as hotel and travel guides such as the Michelin guide. Bibendum, the famous Michelin man, was given a very special honour in the year 2000. It was voted the best logo of a company of all times by a leading financial newspaper. 

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