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The tyre manufacturer Pirelli was founded in 1872 as a rubber article factory in Milan. Pirelli tyres have been produced since 1901. The tyres of this manufacture have been successful since then - and not just on the road. Pirelli tyres have also made a name for themselves in racing, especially in Formula One. Since 2011 one is even in the racing series even tyre supplier. Summer tyres and winter tyres from Pirelli have now stood for over 100 years for high-quality and innovative products. 

In addition to the season-specific tyres, Pirelli also produces all-season tyres - not only for cars and SUVs. Even truck tyres, tyres for motorcycles and many kinds of special vehicles are produced under the motto "Power is nothing without control". 

In 1986 Pirelli took over the tyre manufacturer Metzeler and concentrated his product line on motorcycle tyres. To become bigger in the North American tyre market, Pirelli also took over the US tyre manufacturer Armstrong in 1988. Pirelli tyres are constantly being researched at the in-house development centres. Over 30,000 employees are now involved in Pirelli's development of tyres, which is increasingly under environmental protection. 

One of the most popular Pirelli tyres is the Pirelli Cinturato P7, which is available in different versions. For example, the summer tyre is a run-flat, or an emergency tyre for more safety in the event of a breakdown, as an eco-version for less fuel consumption or as a blue, which is quieter and has less rolling resistance due to an improved rubber mixture of the tread. All these models of the Pirelli P7 have a high running performance, safe braking and a comfortable driving experience in common. It is precisely this tyre that stands for Pirelli's "Green Performance" principle and thus the environmentally-friendly way the tyre manufacturer wants to go in the future - also in the production of the Pirelli winter tyres. 

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